• How to buy aluminum pan heads at the ribbon factory
    2019-06-03 01:14:00

    As an accessory on the ribbon machine, the aluminum pan head did not attract the attention of customers! It is not known that the poor quality of the pan head is not only easy to burst but also may hurt the staff. Last year, there was a factory in Shantou that severely injured the staff because of the opening of the pan head! But how can I buy a good quality pan head? There is a lot of learning inside!

    1. First of all, to change a traditional concept is not a heavy pan head is equal to good quality, in fact, many manufacturers just make the iron pipe in the middle of the pan head very thick and heavy, can reach 4KG weight, but the disc is very light. Some manufacturers also use heavy aluminum to make the pan head. Of course, this is not to say that the weight of the pan head is not good. The quality of the pan head is not to look at the weight of the most important thing is to look at work and materials! For example, the relatively hot magnesium alloy pan heads that were bought in the market two years ago, and the all-aluminum die-cast pan heads that are currently on the market. The weight is only 5.6KG but the quality is very good. It is very popular among customers and employees. The quality is very good, the weight is very light and very convenient to use!

    2. Identification of the material of the pan head: The surface of the pan head made of pure aluminum ingot can be seen at a glance. On the contrary, the surface of the pan head made of miscellaneous aluminum will be rough and have many pores, which will be buried for future bursts. The root of the disaster. Advise everyone not to choose the pan head made of miscellaneous aluminum even if the price is very cheap!

    3. Identification of workmanship: Die-cast pan heads will be harder than cast pan head discs, and will not burst when the yarn's expansion force is large! This can be checked by checking the hardness of the pan head.

    4. The quality is guaranteed: the purchase of the pan head must be purchased by the manufacturer or dealer who has the quality assurance, otherwise it will not be solved when there is a quality problem. If you can promise to have quality problems within one year, you can buy with confidence, because I have more than ten years of experience in Panpan. If there is no quality problem within a year, there will be very few quality problems.

    In short, the first thing to look at when buying a pan head is material work and quality assurance, instead of weighing the pan head! ! ! Finally, I wish you all a smooth job and purchase the products you like!