• Aluminum alloy overall pan head manufacturing method
    2019-06-03 01:11:22

    A method for manufacturing an aluminum alloy monolithic pan head is characterized by the following steps:

    1. (1) Disc processing: The aluminum alloy material is heated to 700-720 ° C for melting, and the aluminum alloy melt is poured into an aluminum alloy round ingot for homogenization treatment: heating to 455-470 ° C, heat preservation for 24 hours After sawing, it is heated to 410-430 ° C and then kept for 2 to 4 hours, subjected to free forging treatment and die forging treatment, and then quenched, quenching temperature is 469-475 ° C, holding time 120-150 minutes, followed by artificial aging Treatment, artificial aging temperature is 138 ~ 145 ° C, holding time 18 ~ 22 hours, and finally finished with metal cutting machine; at the same time (2) coil processing: heating aluminum alloy material to 700 ~ 720 ° C for melting, The aluminum alloy melt is poured into an aluminum alloy ingot, and the aluminum alloy ingot is processed into a coil by extrusion;

    2. Welding two discs at both ends of the coil by argon arc welding;

    3. After the surface of the welded part is oxidized, the pan head is obtained.